Cultural, Health and Taoist Spiritual China Retreat 2015 Celebration and Commemoration Ceremony of 100th Birthday of Late Grand Master Li Tian Ji

In March 2015 Nicola attended a historic event in China - the celebration of the 100th birthday of the founder of modern Tai Chi. The trip was organised by the Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB).It incuded not only a chance to compete withcompetitors from all around the world, but also to see man famous sights and experience Chinese culture.

The trip also allowed Nicola to visit the Great Wall of China and the Wudang Mountains. The ancient mountains of this region are the home of KungFu.Nicola trained with masters of the martial arts and visited the temple that was used as a set for the Karate Kid movie.

Nicola competed in the 42 hand form at an Olympic stadium on Friday 26th March. She performed very well coming in only 0.03 points less than Prof Li's best student. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly after they saw her perform,

Saturday 27th March was the 100th birthday celebration Late Grand Master Li Tian Ji, Creator of the world famous 24 Step Simplified Taiji Quan. Tai Chi enthusaists from Japan, China and many other countries in the world came together to celebrate the life a a great master who brought Tai Chi to a whole new level. Nicola performed the Yang Style 24 Step Form with the living descendants of Li Tian Ji and won the 3rd place bronze medal.

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