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Gold Individual Medal - 6th Li Tianji Cup

Beijing March, 2015

On the Way to Overall Gold Individual Weapons

London June, 2015

On stage with the Li Family Masters - 6th Li Tianji Cup and 100th Anniversary

Beijing, March, 2015


In October, 2014, I was invited to take part in a special celebration of the 100th birthday of my late Great Grand Master Li Tian Ji in Beijing, China. When I accepted the invitation, I had no idea taking part was going to change my life in the most amazing way.

I left the UK late in March for Beijing and was welcomed very warmly by my master, Master Faye Yip Li of Deyin Taijiquan Institute, UK. In the first few days, I trained hard for the upcoming competition where I was to compete individually against the Chinese as a very special guest (only 5 non-Chinese were invited to compete) and on the second day of celebration I was to compete in a group competition.

The weekend came and I had an absolutely amazing time; I won gold in the individual category on Saturday and bronze in the group competition on Sunday. You may think this was the highlight but something much greater happened to me that weekend; I was invited to take part in a group demonstration of Tai Chi on stage with the Great Masters of Tai Chi of the Li family lineage. In receiving the invitation, I was being officially welcomed into the Li family as a disciple of Professor Li Deyin and Master Faye Yip Li. This was a very great honour for me and a turning point in my tai chi career.

Since my return from Beijing, I have been invited all over the country to teach tai chi seminars or to enjoy some top class training with some of the best Masters of both Tai Chi and Qigong from China. I have also competed in the Traditional Tai Chi Championships in London, which resulted in three gold medals, two silver medals and a gold medal for best weapons form of the entire competition. It also resulted in an invitation to the World Championships of Qigong in Portugal in August of 2015.

At the 6th Li Tian Ji Cup
Training with Master Madam Lie of Shanghai University May, 2015
Training in Telford for the World Championships To be held in Portugal in August, 2015.
With Grand Master Professor Li Deyin and Madam Master Fang Mishou. (June 2015)

As you can see, I have made alot of strides in Tai Chi and Qigong this year and in July, I'll be a guest at Tai Chi Caledonia, training with the best in Europe, and then as a guest at Longfei Training weekend with Grand Master Professor Li Deyin.

I'd like to thank all of my students who have been very supportive of me during the past few months while I've been out at competitions and training, to the group exercise manager, Kay Adams, for her understanding and support and to those trainers who have covered my classes while I have been away. I am really enjoying all of the challenges coming my way and I hope my students are enjoying the greater depth of knowledge and new exercises I'm bringing back to them.

I have been a student of Grand Master Professor Li Deyin and Madam Master Faye Yip Li since 1999 and have been coached to many medals in championships all over the UK, including several British Championship gold medals, and now I'm competing internationally. The Tai Chi and Qigong I teach is absolutely authentic Chinese style and is from a long lineage of great martial artists and while I was in Beijing, I found out Jet Li is part of our martial arts family as his coach was at our celebrations.

You may find it strange that Tai Chi and Qigong are competitive sports but the Olympic committee have short listed Wushu (the family name for Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong) for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics... As for me, I compete to give myself a goal to reach a higher standard of technical ability and athleticism. It is also beginning to open doors for me to move into a teaching role that will give me more time for training. I love learning new techniques, new Chinese medicine principles and ways to bring more people in to learn this amazing sport which can serve all of your life. Tai Chi and Qigong are practiced for their health enhancing qualities just google 'health benefits of tai chi and qigong' and you will find a seemingly endless list of positives. Qigong can be performed standing, sitting or lying down.

Book into a class and come see for yourself!

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