My Tai Chi Class Experience by Ruth Rotton

I started tai chi with Nicola G Day in July 2016 after meeting her through an holistic evening I was organising for charity.

I had no previous experience of classes or any idea of what to expect. The class were learning yang style 24 step which I have since learned is a very good form to start learning as it covers all the basic moves and further into the form tests you with more complex moves and balances.

When I started didn't have much co-ordination and probably like a lot of people was very one sided with strength and dexterity. Eight months on I am really feeling the benefits of practising Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I feel fitter in both body and mind and more energised for every day life. I do a physical job but it's not aerobic. I have found myself using Tai Chi moves and balances to deal with difficult fidgety dogs and protect myself from strains and backache, many times without thinking about it.

Tai Chi has really helped me in my everyday life. A friend at a recent boot camp summed it up, he said, "Tai Chi is like a jigsaw that you never finish". He is absolutely right. The movements are gentle but demanding and when I'm in class I have to totally concentrate just on what we are doing. After class I am "Tai Chi tired" and sleep extremely well.

Nicola is an excellent teacher and I would recommend Tai Chi to everyone. I am still very new to the whole concept of it but have found my mental and physical health have improved greatly.

I can't praise it enough, but the best way is to try it. I have made lots of friends at the classes, all at different stages of learning and it's great to compare our experiences.

A wonderful body and mind experience taught by a world can't get better than that!

This testimonial was posted to the 'Beautiful Flower Tai Chi Facebook' page by Ruth on on 15th March 2017.

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